The Versatile Woman (Fashion at it's best)!

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The average woman feeds off of versatility....... "how can I use this in several different ways that will be beneficial to me or my family?"  As technology steadily evolves and changes, so does fashion.  I asked a customer "what is the first thing you think of when you shop for an item?"  She replied, "versatility.  Can I wear this several times, or is this a one time piece?  Can this be worn different ways, or only one way?  Is it suitable for different occasions and/or environments?" 

Her response led me to believe that versatility is very important to women.  We take on multiple responsibilities while facing the challenge of having to complete our tasks, help others with their tasks, and even clean up the tasks that others made a mess of.  Most women learn how to maneuver through the waves of versatility from the beginning to the end of their day (i.e. work in the morning, play/meeting after school, date night with their significant other).  Some times there just isn't enough time in the day to change your wardrobe for each function.

How can you get through multiple tasks all while wearing one complete outift?  Choose something that's versatile.  At Distinct Stylze we carry several different outfits such as our Multi-way Dress, multi-way jumpsuit, maxi dresses, blair dress, or razor dress/shirt (just to name a few) all of which provide the optimum level of versatility for any one day.  Dress them up for a dinner date, night on the town, or important business meeting.  Dress it down for a walk in the park, day at the beach, or even a sporting event.  Remember versatility is key! 

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